Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator and App Builder

Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator & App Builder by the Teaching Krow is strategically curated by industry experts and will aid you in preparing for the exam. This training course will teach you how to customize your apps, including page layouts, business processes, and fields, create a salesforce environment, create high-value reports and dashboards, maintain & import clean data, and set up workflow automation. The training course will help you clear your Administrator and App Building exam on your first attempt.

Why should you take Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator and App Builder ?

Validates your skills and knowledge and Hands-on Experience.

Attract recruiters and undoubtedly a high-paying job and developing a better understanding of the sales platform.

Earn a globally recognized certificate.


36 hours of instructor-led training
36 hours of self-paced videos
One year access
Mentor support
Projects and exercises

Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator and App Builder Overview

Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator and App Builder

This Salesforce certification training is designed to ensure that you not only learn but master the concepts of being a Salesforce Administrator and App Builder. In this course, you will learn how to configure Salesforce to collect, analyze, and retrieve crucial customer information and create applications leveraging Salesforce Lightning.


Self Paced Training


Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator and App Builder Curriculum

Introduction to Cloud Computing and Salesforce Platform
  • Explain Cloud Computing 
  • Compare CRM and PAAS Market
  • List the benefits of Salesforce1 Platform or
  • Explain Multi-tenant (single-tenant) Architecture
  • Define SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS
  • Explain Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud 
  • Comprehend basics of SFDC / Salesforce1
  • Explain Metadata driven architecture
  • Explain Business Profile and License Types
  • Define User licenses available in the Developer Org
  • Implement Page Layout, Search Layouts, and Object Limits
  • Define System Overview
  • Explain the Application which we will build during this course
  • List types of Sandbox
  • Illustrate working of Salesforce Platform
  • Explain MVC Model
  • Build a custom app on the Platform
  • Understand the concept of Objects and their uses
  • Identify various Datatypes and Field Types
  • Analyze the different types of relationships (Master- Detail and lookup)
  • Identify the role of Search LayoutsCreate Custom App and Custom Objects
  • Leverage various Standard and Custom Fields
  • Security Model Mind Map
  • System Level or Org Level Security
  • Tab setting
  • Field level security 
  • User Administration and Troubleshooting
  • Permission Sets
  • Profile and Permissions Sets
  • Page layout assignment
  • Password Policy
  • IP Address security
  • Login hours
  • Session settings
  • Activations
  • Organization-wide defaults – Student App 
  • Security Model Mind Map
  • Record Level and Object Level
  • Organization-wide defaults 
  • Role and Role Hierarchy
  • Queue
  • Criteria Based Sharing
  • Different ways to gain Record Level Access
  • Public Group
  • Public group Vs Queue
  • Business Logic Mind Map
  • Different Options to Implement Business Logic
  • Formula 
  • Validation Rules
  • Rollup Summary Fields 
  • Functions
  • Record Types and Page Layouts
  • Business Process Automation
  • Business Requirements – Workflow Rules
  • Workflow – Actions
  • Workflow - Actions 
  • Workflow – Considerations
  • Approvals - Actions
  • Approvals – Introduction
  • Approvals - How to Create A Process
  • Approvals - How and What Can Approvers Do
  • Sales Cloud
  • Lead auto-response
  • Sales Process
  • Sales Productivity Features
  • Lead Management
  • Lead assignment
  • Campaign Management
  • Web to lead
  • Accounts and Contacts Management
  • Opportunities
  • Price Book, Products, Price Book Entries
  • Case Management
  • Typical Service and Support Process
  • Communities Basics
  • Communities Setup and Administration
  • Communities – Ideas and Answers
  • Automation - Assignment Rules
  • Automation - Web2Case and Auto-Response
  • Automation - Email2Case
  • Automation - Escalation Rules
  • Email Templates in Case Management
  • Service Cloud
  • Channels
  • Case Resolution – Solutions
  • Case Resolution Using Knowledge
  • Import Data
  • Apex Data loader
  • Data Handling and Processing Overview
  • Import Wizard and Data Loader & compare the features, Update, Upsert operations, Delete and Hard Delete records
  • Exporting data and Regular Backup
  • External ID and Unique Fields 
  • Transfer record ownership
  • Report with and without modifications
  • Custom report type and store in a folder
  • The tabular report, summary, and matrix report
  • Report and Security
  • Report Builder and Standard Reports Available
  • User filters in reports
  • Summary report significance
  • Matrix report significance
  • Dashboard
  • Bucket field
  • Tabular Report significance 
  • Joined report significance
  • Dynamic dashboard 
  • Customizable parts of the SF1 App 
  • Compact layouts and Mobile cards 
  • Basic admin activities on Salesforce A 
  • Outlook and SF synch up security and customizable settings
  • Navigation menu
  • Activity management - Events, Tasks, and Open activities
  • Tasks and events
  • Folders and Document templates 
  • AppExchange
  • Chatter groups feed, people
  • Log a call, Custom VF page
  • Custom canvas, Publisher layout
  • Files, Follow records, people 
  • Groups Topics and Files
  • Global action types-Create
  • Global and Object-specific actions
  • Salesforce 1
  • Salesforce A
  • Salesforce 1 Vs. Salesforce A
  • Outbound Change Sets
  • Inbound Change Sets
  • Deployment Settings
  • Milestones 
  • Sandboxes 
  • Change Sets
  • Packages
  • Lightning Components
  • Lightning Component Capabilities
  • Lightning Components vs. Visualforce
  • Custom Buttons
  • Custom Links
  • Records with Actions
  • Global Action
  • Object Specific Action
  • AppExchange Overview
  • Finding and Selecting an App
  • Installing an App
  • Finding a Developer
  • Finding a Consultant

Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator and App Builder Projects

Implementing an end-to-end recruitment process

Certificate For Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator and App Builder

The training will help clear the Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator and App Builder exam. The complete training course content is aligned with these certification programs and helps you quickly clear these certification exams and get the best jobs in the top companies. As part of the training, you will be working on real-time assignments and projects with practical implications in the real-world industry, helping you fast-track your career. Multiple quizzes at the end of this training program will perfectly reflect the questions in the actual certification exams and help you score better.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Salesforce Certification Training: Administrator and App Builder

What is Salesforce used for?

Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms working on the SaaS cloud technology model. Salesforce offers various software solutions and a platform for users to distribute and develop custom apps or tools. It helps businesses to integrate all their services viz marketing, commerce, service, sales, and IT teams work as one from anywhere.

  • Administrator
  • App Builder
  • Technical Architect 
  • Platform developer
  • Business analyst 
  • Consultant

It certainly does not have any prerequisites. But, having the working knowledge as a developer or an administrator will be beneficial.

  • Differentiate the building blocks of Salesforce
  • Understand the Data model
  • Explain Reports and Dashboard
  • Describe Salesforce1, SalesforceA, Chatter, and Social features
  • Understand the Security model
  • Define Business process automation options
  • Master Sales Cloud and Service Cloud modules
  • Explain various integration options like SOAP, REST APIs

All the Salesforce Certification courses are valid for four months. In order to ensure validity, you must take the test in 4 months.

The administrator-level exams of Salesforce will cost you $200, and the expert certifications will cost you $400.

  • English 
  • Hindi 
  • Ukrainian