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Teachingkrow is an online portal to connect the trainers to the knowledge seekers worldwide. We are the experts in Delivering high-quality online certifications and training courses designed specifically for organizations and professionals worldwide.


Vision of providing online access to the very best training courses on a global scale, using innovation, technology and e-Learning expertise.This will enable us to be globally acclaimed as an innovative organization working towards fulling educational needs or working professionals.


To be globally acclaimed as an innovative organization working towards fulfilling educational needs of working professionals.

Why TeachingKrow?


About TeachingKrow

The Teachingkrow is also a portal for the knowledge seekers across the world. With the versatile e-learning solutions, expert guidance, rich content, informative and less complex presentations, The Teachingkrow, is a perfect destinations for all your learning requirements.


The Teachingkrow is an initiative by Bhavyam Infotech, which is a global IT consulting firm headquartered in Singapore, established with entrepreneurship goal of Enabling Business Agility. The driving spirit of Bhavyam Infotech is to become a Virtual Agile Extension for our customer's by helping them to respond faster to the changing business needs with cost efficiency and quality. We provide high quality tailored solutions to our customer's needs as we understand the complexities and pains of the current business environment Bhavyam has always been passionate towards betterment of the society.. to do something good... to spread the knowledge... to share the expertise and years of experience and 'The Teachingkrow', is the result of all these!

With The Teachingkrow, it's easy to create and launch a course that engages the target audience (the knowledge seekers). Create course using Text or PowerPoint file or images and you can instantly create a interactive course with it. Or, you can add video and audio to make it a rich media experience... If you are using The Learning Curve for teaching and training purposes, you can also create lessons, hold discussions in a virtual classroom, add tests and surveys, upload additional files, and track student viewership analytics for a complete learning environment. If you are a third party content training provider, you have the platform to launch the course quickly and monetize your effort.