Apache Solr Certification Training

Gain expertise in Indexing, Faceting, Clustering, Pagination and more with the Apach Solr course at TeachingKrow. Apache Solr also powers the administration and management of Enterprise Search Applications and services.

What are the objectives of this course?

After the completion of the 'Apache Solr' Course at TeachingKrow, you should be able to:

1. Master the concepts of Apache Lucene & APIs

2. Understand Apache Solr

3. Learn Indexing and Searching using Solr

4. Learn the Advance Features of Solr and Solr Administration

5. Learn to Create a Solr Cloud

6. Implement a Solr project

7. Work on a Real Life Project on Apache Solr and gain Hands on Project Experience.

Who is it intended for?

Software Developers, Architects, Quality Analysts & Managers who are exploring or using search platforms for e-commerce & Business applications.


Prerequisites for learning Solr includes technical knowledge on Java at an Intermediate level, Basics of Linux and Databases and good knowledge about Computer Science.



Self Paced Training