Talend Certification Training

This training has been developed in partnership with Talend and is designed to help you master Big Data Integration Platform using Talend Open Studio to easily connect and analyze data.You'll use Talend ETL tool with HDFS, PIG and Hive on real-life case studies.

What are the objectives of this course?

After completion of the Talend For Big Data Course, you will be able to:

1. Understand the ETL concepts and How to solve the real time business problems using talend.

2. Understand Talend Architecture and its various components. 

3. Gain familiarity with Talend tool to automate your complete Data Integration/Data Analysis/Data Warehousing requirements.

4. Implement the use cases to demonstrate the most frequently used transformations and components. 

5. Interact with various types of source or target platform like Flat files (CSV, Fixed width), XML, Excel, Database, etc.

6. Implement the real time use case & project scenarios such as: Scheduling talend jobs, automation/parameterization, finding duplicates (data quality), data cleansing, Integrating (joining) various heterogeneous source system to achieve required target system. 

7. Know that learning and expertise in TOS for DI is your best logical decision in taking the next big leap into Big Data world.

8. Access and work with Hadoop using talend. 

9. How to play smart in Big Data environment (Hadoop). 

10. How to build use cases in HDFS, Pig and Hive (the most demanded and futuristic skills).

Who is it intended for?

This course is a foundation to all:

  • Enthusiasts who aspire a career in ETL, Data Warehousing, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Back-end support system.
  • Professionals wearing caps of Business Analyst, Data Scientist, DW programmer, Data Architect, Solution Architect.
  • Could gain mileage out of this course in their respective fields as Talend can make them aware of its potential in building indigenous as well as integrated solution across industries.

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There are no prerequisites for this course. Familiarity with Databases /SQL concepts will be beneficial.



Self Paced Training