MongoDB Certification Training

MongoDB training helps you gain expertise in leading document-oriented NoSQL database, designed with both Scalability and Developer agility. You'll master MongoDB Architecture, CRUD, Schema Design and Data Modelling, Indexing using real-life case studies.

What are the objectives of this course?

After the completion of the mongoDB Course at MyCareerCube, you should be able to: 

1. Gain an insight into the 'Roles' played by a mongoDB expert.

2. Learn how to design Schema using Advanced Queries.

3. Troubleshoot Performance issues.

4. Understand mongoDB Aggregation framework.

5. Learn mongoDB Backup and Recovery options and strategies.

6. Understand scalability and availability in mongoDB using Sharding.

7. How to setup a replicated cluster, Managing ReplicaSets etc. 

8. What is shards, Key, ConfigServer, Query Router etc. 

9. How to setup Sharding 

10. Various MongoDB tools to develop and deploy your applications

11. Learn MongoDB Administration activities.

12. Health Check, Backup, Recovery, Performance tuning, etc.

13. Understand Hadoop and MongoDB Integration.

14. Data Migration in MongoDB with Hadoop (MongoDB to Hive).

15. Learn to integrate MongoDB with tools like Jaspersoft and Pentaho.

16. Integration of MongoDB with GUI Tool Robomongo.

Who is it intended for?

If you are a Software Architect, Database Professional, Project Manager, and Software Developer, DBA, System Administrator or a graduate interested in learning the most popular NoSQL database, this course is for you. After completing this course you will be able to produce database designs for mongoDB applications, understand its usage in solving your business problem.


There are no prerequisites for attending this mongoDB course. Understanding of any mainstream programming language such as Java, basic understanding of database concepts, and knowledge of a text editor such as 'VI editor' will be beneficial.



Self Paced Training