Extreme Programming Engineering Practices

What are the objectives of this course?

After the completion of the Extreme Engineering Programming Courses course at MyCareerCube, you will be able to understand: 

1. What are XP's core engineering practices? 

2. The business value of XP. 

3. Principles of continuous integration. 

4. Principles of pair programming. 

5. About Test Driven Development using JUNIT 4. 

6. How to mock dependencies with PowerMock and Mockito frameworks. 

7. About Acceptance Test Driven Development using FitNesse. 

8. How to overcome code smells with refactoring? 

9. Various types of code smells. 

10. Designing using SOLID principles. .

Who is it intended for?

This course will be useful for programmers and software architects or designers who wish to fortify their technical skills by learning to address the fundamental challenges of software development. This also serves as stepping stone to advance their career in strategic roles such as Agile Engineering Practice consultants or experts.


The only pre-requisites for this course are working knowledge of Java programming language and Eclipse IDE, need not be an expert.



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